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The most important questions you need to ask yourself

1) Do you have time freedom?

God has given equal time to everyone. Some people have enough time but very limited money or no money and some people have enough money but no time. Both of these two categories of people cannot enjoy their life properly and sometimes not at all. It is obvious that money is not everything, but money is required for everything. So those people who have enough time but no money there is no value. Similarly those people who have enough money they are absolutely busy in their work or duty and not getting enough time to enjoy the life, there is also no value. But there are some people who have enough time and money both and those people enjoy their life with full of satisfaction. So today you need to ask yourself that whether you are having time freedom or not? You are satisfied with your life or doing any compromise?

2) Do your Family really feel secured financially on your absence?

In most of the cases a normal family is consists of 4-6 members, i.e. (Husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, mother and father), and in most of the cases one member I.e. (Husband) is the chief income source and all other members depend upon him. If you are the one upon whom all other family members are depending like (your wife, your son, daughter, your father and mother), have your ever thought, if you will not be there, what will happen to them? How they will survive? Where they will go? Have you done any arrangement for them? If not then why? Is not that necessary? Is it not your responsibility?

3) Do you think that you are giving a healthy and prosperous life to your family?

A family exists because of love, respect, mutual understanding, care and affection. We all love our family so much and of our family members also do the same to us. We all try to make our family happy. We work hard, invest our time and effort. Our family also expects more from us. But do we really lead to give them a good and healthy life? Are we able to fulfill all or maximum of their wants? Are we able to give all the educational facilities to our children like “ giving admission in a reputed school or colleges, able to afford the donation of engineering or medical or any other professional course, providing all essential educational tools?” Are we able to give all the necessary health care facilities like proper medical care, nutritional supplements, physical exercise equipment’s etc. to our family? Do we expend enough in the recreation and refreshment of our family? We need to ask ourselves how many times in a year we take our family to any holiday destination? Do you think that they are expecting those from us? Do we really able to fulfill all that stuff whatever they want? If not why? Here the question we need to ask ourselves, why we are not able to rich to the optimum expectation of our family. May be the current situation or position is not perfect to enrich the desired goal, but have we ever tried to do something extra by adding some extra effort? If not why? Is the happiness or prosperity of our family members has no meaning for us? But there are people who value their family a lot. They never compromise with anything. They put their maximum effort to make their family happy. It is true that we have brought nothing to this world and we cannot take anything from this world, but we can leave a legacy. We can give something to our family or to our society before we leave and people will remember us forever.

4) Are you getting enough Regards, Respect and Recognitions?

All people want to live a respectful life in the society. We want appreciations and regards, but this can be achieved when we would do something extraordinary. People always respect and appreciate those who have contributed something to their family or to the society. We need to ask ourselves that why people will respect us, regard us, appreciate us? What we have done different or what we have done for them?

Motivation is nothing but it’s a thought process where your soul and mind unitedly activate you to focus on a particular thing in order to achieve that. It gives you a back force for which you always stay energetic. It protects you from the negative surroundings and provides you positive energy. It’s like food for mind. As your body get energy from the food you eat, likewise your mind need to be feed in a regular interval. If you will not eat for few days, then different organs of your body become weak and stop working effectively, like that if your mind will not be feed, then it will be weaker day by day.

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