How to choose the right career

Right career

                One of the most important tasks in life is how to choose the right career based on your interest and expertise, because it decides your future. It decides your achievements. What life you are going to live is the result of what decision you take. It decides what are the things you are going to achieve, but it is you who decides what you want in your life. What you want to become and what are the things you wish to achieve. How much money you need to maintain your lifestyle. What identity you want to build in the society?

Smartest way to choose the right career

                The smartest way to choose a right career are to consider what is your talent, what knowledge you have? What is your strength and what are the skills you possess? When you are good at one particular field then it would be easy to choose a career based on that.

If you choose your career based on you skill then it would be more convenient for you and if your knowledge, talent and interest become your career you will be more efficient, more happy and more productive.

Decide in the beginning

                You have to decide your career path from the very beginning. Just consider what you want to do, where you want to go? Suppose you want to become a doctor, you will consider joining any medical institute and continuing your study for four to five year.

                Suppose you want to become a digital marketer, you will consider joining any related program online or off line and practicing everything in detail, then you will be a digital marketing pro.

                However you need to verify yourself, discover yourself that in what you are good in. In what you are interested in and what skill you have. So that you can upgrade it and find out a right career for yourself. If you are still confused on choosing a right career then ask your parent or anyone else who knows you and who can guide you better.

The reality of choosing a right career in our society.

                Friends just remember your school and college time, what you had thought to become what in life? Friends you must had written an essay i.e. “your aim of life”. Infact we all had written the same essay. Of course I too had written it. But tell me the truth, what you had written in that essay, what you wanted to become in life? What was the aim of your life?

                Hopefully you all had written to become a doctor , become an engineer, to become an IAS officer, to become a dancer, to become an IT professional, to become a lawyer etc. Is not it?

Time has changed

                Friends to be very honest in our time there were not much information about multiple career option as of today and govt. job was a trend on that time. So we could be able to think of only to become a doctor, engineer, police officer, lawyer and may be cricketer at the most. But now a days multiple career options are available.

The time has changed, scenario has changed. Due to the massive growth of internet, print and electronic media wide information are available anytime anywhere. Now the young stars are trying to build their career in different different field and sectors like interior designing, event management, modeling, acting, singing, dancing, writing, web designing, digital marketing, multimedia, public speaking and many others.

                Few years before when someone was telling to become a model, people were laughing at him or her, criticizing, making fun of them. Parents were also feeling quite uncomfortable, but now the parents themselves taking their children to do ramp walk.

Are you that what you had thought?

                Here my question is that what ever you had thought to become in life, do you really become that today? Wherever you  wanted to reach in life, have you reached to that place or whatever you wanted to do, have you done that? Have you achieved your target or goal?

                We all think to become a very good professional or to be in an esteemed position, but could everyone do that? To be very frank, no one of us thinks to become a Clark, constable, driver, shop keeper in the beginning.

 I am not saying these professions are not good, but truly no one of us have ever dreamed of these profession. But friends why it happens? Once we had thought to be in a very good post or possession, but the reality became different.

                For example in school time we might have thought to become a doctor, but when we come to college we realize that it is quite difficult or may be not possible for us, so let’s try for pharmacy. So some of us join the pharmacy college and after that we try to get a job. Some of us get the job and some don’t.

 So those who don’t get a job what they do, they join any private hospital even in a very low salary. Some of us join as medicine representative and some wait for an opportunity. This is the reality. Let me tell you once again I respect all the profession, but was that your aim of life?

Jobless degree holders

                Like this thousands and lakhs of boys and girls in our society are jobless even though having a good professional degree. Just think about them who are not having any professional degree or having no higher qualification.

                You must be hearing and watching that many young stars leaving their home and going to other state or other country in the hope of a job and facing a lot of problem sometimes.

How to choose the right career -grassroots reality

                In India most of the people living in villages where no much facility is available like education, information and communication. Normally children go to govt. school where the quality of education is not far strong. People love to live their traditional life in village. Of course it is changing gradually, but still it has not come up to the mark.

Weak back force

Due to weak educational back-ground and lack of information children also do not get proper guideline to explore themselves. Scope is there due to rural-urban inter collaboration, but no one is there to give them a back support, no one is there to motivate them.

                Only few of them are coming out and trying to choose the right career for them or trying to establish their own set up, but that is very rare. Most of them are completing only the normal education like intermediate or plane graduation for which the scope is again so much limited. Only few of them are going for higher education or any other specialized course.

Weak educational back-ground leads to leads to migration

                The case of school dropout and college dropout in rural areas are much higher than urban areas. The literacy rate is also very low in rural as compare to urban.

So the boys and girls coming out of this situation are not able to find out a right career for them. As a result some of them leave their home and go out to different cities or state and sometime out of the country in search of job to survive and to maintain their families.

                Due to lack of marketing facilities and ideas people do not try to set up a remarkable business in village. Economy is also a big matter for them. For them business means, opening a shop or selling out certain basic product in a very few margin, that’s it. Nothing else. Due to lack of scalability they do not get much profit out of it. For which they could not upgrade their lives.

So their children also learn the same and perform the same which somehow affects their future or the next generation. Not in every case it happens but in few cases it surprises. So choosing business as the right career in village or rural areas is negligible.

Grab the glimpse of possibilities in scarcities

                In the present scenario it is quite difficult to grab a right career in one point of view due to high competition and high production but less demand. But from another point of view multiple career options are available now a day.

 There is good craze of different new fields and sectors like sports, marketing such as digital marketing, network marketing, event management, career in tour and travel sector, online business, Public speaking, sales, hotel management, agriculture and so on.

Focus on your interest and expertise

                Depending on your interest and expertise you need to choose your career. You have to find out what skill and strength you have. Based on that choose a particular field and give your complete focus on that particular field.

Learn and practice each and every detail of that field. Set your target and divide them into small steps. Be motivated and be in touch with the expert of that field. Take advice from them whenever required. Always ready to face challenges, never give up. Be honest and kind to others.

We need to reform our thought

                Friends there were time where people were thinking govt. job is only the right career option. No one was thinking about other possibilities. The lifestyle was also very simple, the need of people were also very limited.

 Now the time has changed, the cost of living is becoming higher and higher. People are not just thinking about the basic need, they want more and more. Everyone wants to live a happy, prosperous and luxurious life. Everyone wants to have time freedom and money freedom.

So it is needed to think about the new possibilities. We cannot just live with the traditional thought process. We have to change our mentality ad look forward in order to get a right career.  

Make your life beautiful

It is not easy to transform the life. Rather it is a painful process and a very difficult task. But once you clicked on your goal, the life will be very beautiful.      

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