How to make the right decision

                Friends in the previous post we have already discussed about how to choose the right carrier in detail. Choosing the right carrier means taking a decision. In this article we will be discussing about how to make the right decision.

Friends when does it come to mind that in which direction you need to go? What career option you need to choose, so that you could reach to a perfect destination?

Hopefully it comes to our mind from our college time mostly. From college time we get some family pressure or we ourselves start feeling that in future we have to take care of our families.

Parental pressure

Somehow parents also start saying that you have to study well and you have to do something in life so that we could feel relax. Of course all parents do not do like this, they don’t want put extra pressure on their children; they are quite conscious and also responsible.

But guys like us from lower middle class have to face this type of pressure. In this condition we too get confuse on how to make a right decision.

                But what is the fault of the parents in this? Our parents say like this because they might have faced many situations like that. They might have seen many young stars doing nothing and facing so many problems even after completing their study. They are having the fear that we may be facing the same situation in our life.

                It is well known that how much difficult it is to get a job in the present scenario and to start a business we don’t have enough finance.  In this condition so many young boys and girls move door to door to get a job for year and years and if they don’t get a job, they do whatever they get.

Confusion on how to make the right decision

                When we are at college we get a lot of confusion to make a right decision. One thing come to our mind whether we need to continue our study or finish it up and look forward to get a job?

How to make a right decision- varies with economic condition

Those who are economically sound, they step to go for higher study or doing any professional course and those have low economic condition or those who cannot afford the course fee, they don’t go for higher studies of for any other professional course. They just stop continuing their study and start searching for a job.

                Sometimes it happens like we have multiple options, but we get confuse to choose one. For example ‘Should I prepare for competitive exam or I should go for diploma or Whether I should go for MBA or I should go for law? Whether I should look towards corporate job or I should try for govt. job?

This happens when you are not clear about your vision or goal and you don’t know how to make the right decision.

                Have you ever faced confusion like this, if yes, please comments bellow what confusion you have faced and what decision you took on that condition?

                When you cannot decide what you will do then it will be very difficult to reach to a particular destination. It fluctuate your career as well as your future. You cannot concentrate on a single field. If you will not so specific then you will do whatever you get. It will make you to start compromising and after few times you will be frustrated. You cannot do the work by heart; you will do just because of demand.

How to make the right decision- there are two choice

`               Well we always have two choices. 1st is that you can make decision which is easy and the 2nd is you can make the decision which is difficult, but normally we make the decision which is easy. Everyone wants to keep them in comfort zone. No one wants to be in difficult situation.

                Friends let me know what you do. Do you make the decision which is difficult or you make the decision which is easy? I know 95% people take the decision which is easy; only 5% people dare to take the decision which is difficult. So the success ratio in our country is only 5%.

Dare to take complex decision

                I suggest you to take the decision which is difficult or complex, because whenever you make the decision which is difficult, your life will be easy and simple and whenever you make the decision which is easy, your life will be difficult and critical.

                Friends, simple decision cannot give you a big success. We make simple decision because we don’t want to face the difficulties. We don’t want to face problems or we don’t want to face the challenges.

Due to lack of confidence we don’t want to fight with the critical situations. We just want to keep ourselves in safe position or in comfort zone. Most of us think ‘accepting the things that we can get easily is better than struggling for a specific goal’.

                But mind it my friends the things which you get easily there would be no strength in it, no potentialities in it. Whatever you get easily may fade away after certain time.

If you choose the simplest way more often, you may limit your growth and progress. It cannot fulfill all your dreams and desire. It will not give you the real happiness.

Maximum to maximum you will just survive, but you cannot achieve your desired goal. It will not help you to build a special identity. You will not be pointed out from the crowd, you will just be hidden.

Face challenges get everything

You might have thought to get a lot of things in life that may be prestige, power, property, finance or a luxury life, but if you will not be ready to face the challenges; if you will not be ready to fight with the situation then you cannot get those things.

It will be really difficult for you to fulfill all your need or your family needs as well. You cannot give your family the best life they deserve. Even you cannot give a better future to your next generation.

You will be always underestimated or controlled by others and you will not have your absolute freedom. Nobody will give you special attention and special respect. You will be treated as casual as others.

Game changers

                There are people in our society who are ready to face the challenges; ready to fight with the difficult condition or situations. They dare to take the decision which is difficult. They always stay motivated to achieve their desired goals.

These special kind of people never want to live an average life rather they want to do something different. They dare to do the things which others feel difficult or impossible. They never worry about the present condition, only struggle for future.

These people set their target and stay focused to achieve that at any cost. These people are called the game changers. In the beginning their socio-economic condition may not be so good, but they make their future totally different. They bring out changes in their lives drastically.

Successful people ignores many thing

                The early life of those people may be so critical and miserable. In the beginning no one may know them. They may be blamed and criticized by others but in the later part they recover and restore everything.

The best part of these people is ignoring. They do the best use of it when someone criticize them, blame them and de-motivate them. These people do not care what other say. They just concentrate on their work.

These kind of people work harder and harder without caring what is happening around them. They get ready to sacrifices everything for their goals. They are ready to tolerate the pain, because there vision is very clear that ‘if there is no pain, there is no gain’ and finally success come to their feet.

Work like a donkey and live like a king or work like a king and live like a donkey

                There is sayings that ‘work like a donkey and live like a king or work like a king and live like a donkey’. This is absolutely true.

 You must have seen most of the people who don’t want to take risk in their life. Those people don’t want to struggle for certain time. They just want to enjoy their lives from the beginning itself, so that they don’t want to take any complex decision.

Those kind of people just take decision as simple as they can, so that they don’t have to work hard. They don’t have to fight for anything and they don’t have to struggle for anything.

These types of people think why to put themselves in problems and why to go through challenging situation, just be in a comfort zone and do whatever is available. These kinds of people thinks like why to think about the future, rather just enjoy the present.

 So these kinds of people never get a huge success in their lives. They don’t get enough money, enough respect and regards and enough social security. So their life become like a pendulum, which hangs from one point to another point, but cannot be static.

They have to compromise for everything in life. Gradually their life becomes critical and problematic. It became very difficult for them to take the responsibility of others.

Live like a king

                But those people who want to take chances and challenges, they work and act very carefully and behave very carefully. These people visualize the future consequences and continuously work harder. They dare to sacrifices their present to get the highest success in life, so that success comes to them and their life become like a king.

These people become free and enjoy their life for the rest of it. They leave a legacy for the next generation as well as for the society and this is because of the decision they make in their life.

                So friends it is up to you, whether you want to make a complex decision or you want to take the simple one. Whether you want to make your life simple or you want to make it complex. Whether you want to bring a big change in your life or you just want to live your life as it is. Life is yours choice is yours.

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