Risk taking


Introduction to risk taking

Risk taking comprises the challenges that a person need to accept and the willingness to face those to meet his or her esteem goal. The path to success arises many challenges that can be met only by taking a risk. We must have read stories about many successful people who have achieved their highest goal by meting these challenges. In order to get big rewards in any field of life. You need to be willing to leave your comfort zone right now and take some short of risks. 

Path to success

Many biggest achievements of life require leaving out of your comfort zone. It may be overcoming shyness of performing onstage, investing money to grow your business, or keeping yourself out there for the chance to get your love, many of finest experiences of life come as a result of taking risks.

We all know that life is too short- still many of us spend our time wondering what we need to do with our lives, instead of actually moving forward and trying. We actually don’t know that if we will not take a chance then what will happen.

Why most of the people do not want to take risk?

While taking risks many of us have dealing with the difficult times goes along with the uncertainty. Without knowing the result and fear of possible failure a feeling of discomfort grows inside. What if, I humiliate myself in front of everyone? What will happen if I share my feelings and get rejected? What next, if I lose all my money that I invested?

Beautiful life
Beautiful life

          Although people know that there is immense possibilities which could be achieved and make the life more suitable and beautiful, but still they don’t want to take risk, because of lack of confidence, lack of self-motivation, doubt about the future consequences and uncertain target in life. Most of the people do not want to leave their present life and fight for the future.

Walking on fire
Fire walk

          We all know that getting a success is not so easy; rather it is extremely hard and difficult. It is like walking on fire. It is like gold, unless and until you heat it on fire, it will not glaze. Like that if you want to get a big success you have to pass through the extreme conditions. You cannot hope that everything will be easy and soft. Just know one thing free road never makes a good driver. You have to drive in the crowd. You have to take risk.

95% people live the average or below average life, rest 5% rules the world


          95% people live an average life or below average life, because they fear to take risk and rest of the 5% rule the world.  These 95% people do job under those 5% people as employees and those 5% people control them, instruct them and order them. These 95% people work for certain limited amount per day, per week, per month or per annum, but there is no limitation for those 5%. They earn as much as they want. without the permission of any one they move anywhere and they don’t have to give explanation to anyone what they do. They live their lives in their own way having all happiness and all fun.

          These 5% people are the successful leaders to whom the world respect and place them in a special position in the society. Others get inspiration from these 5% people, because of the milestone they have set in their lives.

          Rest of the 95% people just manages to live their lives with minimum requirement and minimum needs. They have to compromise for everything and sometimes for the survival.

Why should we take risk?

Before taking any risk, we need to know why we should take risk. Why should we put ourselves in problem? What is the need of it?

          Friends you must have some dream in your life. You need to ask yourselves whether you have fulfilled all of it. If yes, then no need to take any risk, but if it is no, then you are doing wrong. You have to take risk.

          Friends some or more we have discussed before that you must have thought to do something in your life. You must be wishing to get something in your life, but due to various reason you failed to achieve that.

Tree facing storm
Challenges make you stronger

You must be watching so many video in you tube or in any other social media channel or reading blogs in different sites, but you never use those or implement those in your practical life. Why? Why don’t you put those into action? Success will never come only by watching motivational videos or by reading motivational content. You have to work on it. You have to take action and you will not get any success all of a sudden. No tree can give you fruit just after you plant it. It will take some time to grow. It has to face many storms and wind. If you want to get a huge success in life then you too have to face the storms and wind, you have to face a lot of difficulties and problems. You have to take risk.

Commitment and dedication will bring you the success

steps towards success

First of all you have to decide your goal or target. You have to decide what you want to do? What you want to achieve and where you want to go? Then you have to be committed to get that or achieve that. Be so static and concrete so that any how you will achieve your goal or target, even though you will face a lot of difficulties and problems, you will not step backward.

It is important to motivate yourselves that no one can divert you from your path. You need to ignore whoever is saying what to you. Motivate yourself and you have to be your own mentor. Believe me when your attitude will be like this then no one can stop you, no problems, no situation can be a huddle for you and it is guaranteed that success will come to you.

Develop your self Confidence for better risk taking attitude


          In the process of getting success, self-confidence is the most important weapon for you which will help you each and every time. So develop your self-confidence in such a manner that no situation can de-motivate you and if you will not strengthen your self-confidence then very soon you will be hopeless. Small huddles may divert you and demotivate you. Small problems can change your direction.

Always listen to your heart

Listen to your heart
Heart says something

Friends always listen to your heart, not to your mind. It is proven that whenever you listen to your heart and take decision according to it then the chances of getting success is higher than listening to your mind. Your heart will always motivate you to achieve your dream, but mind will make you confuse; whether you need to do it or not? Whether you need to take risk or not? But if you will not do anything then nothing is going to happen in your life. So please listen to your heart very carefully.

There was risk behind all success stories

Risk drives to the top

Friends all big success of the world are being achieved because of risk taken for these. Just think if Dhirubhai Ambani would have sit down without taking any risk and let everything run as it is, then could it be possible to establish a multibileniar company like Reliance?

          If Bill gates would have done just a job and have not taken any risk, then he could not be the founder of Microsoft and become the richest person of the world.

          If Right brothers would have thought that it is too risky to fly a machine on air, then it was not possible to make aeroplane.

          Not only these, every successful people in this world have taken risk in their lives. No one has achieved any milestone without taking any risk. You can find many examples on google.

Risk is everywhere

Risk is every where

Yes it is true, risk is everywhere. Just think when you are walking on road, what will happen if somebody thrashes you from the behind? So risk is there. What will happen if the fan falls on you while sleeping?

          What will happen if you are doing a job and the next day your boss get you out due to any reason?

          So risk is everywhere, it is when you are walking on street, when you are moving in train or plane even when you are sitting at home. It is in your job, it is in your business, it is in your relationship. But do you stop doing all these things? You cannot go away from risk factors. So you have to take risk to achieve your goal.

Make a perfect planning before taking risk

Before taking any risk, you have to do a perfect planning or you have to make a perfect strategy, then you have to give your complete focus on it. When you start your work after being committed, you have to face a lot of difficulties, but don’t give up at any cost. If you fall down, then get up once again and start moving. Many people will try to stop you, but never distract, just stick to your goal.

Most of the people change their direction due to fear of risk

Most of the people change their direction, dreams or goal because they fear to take risk. They wish to get all that things what they have dreamed, but due to the fear of failure they couldn’t move ahead. But think once again if you will not take admission because of fear of failure then how you could complete your study.

          What will happen if you will fail, at least you will have the satisfaction that you tried and if you will not take any risk then no chance is there to get success.

Ant philosophy

Ant philosophy
Ant philosophy

        You must have seen the ants moving in a single line by holding their food. Have you ever tried to stop them by blocking their road? Try once. If you block their road they will change their direction. If you will block again that direction, then they will change to another direction, but they will never stop. You cannot stop them unless you kill them.

          Likewise whenever you fail to achieve your goal then just change your direction not your goal, not your dream.

Benefits of taking risk

  1. Create new possibilities

You could create away some possibilities for the future, if you take risk and dedicate yourself on it. You might open the window that you had not even expected but you may also achieve what you really set out to do. Anything really huge and unexpected doesn’t happen with you, it’s important to keep your mind open.

  • You will never lose

Even though you will fail after taking risk, it will be beneficial for you. You will get a lot of experience and insight from it. At least it will change the way you deal with the similar situation in future if you try something new by putting yourself out there.

  • You will be now where, if you will not take any action

Nothing will happen, if you will not take any action. Not to take any risk is very simple and the most comfortable approach, but it will limit your growth. If you want to make your dream come true, make out a plan and go for it. If you will fail also you gain the experience and insights, which will help you the next time.


          In order to achieve a desired goal by taking a risk, it requires a lot of daring or courage to face the fear of uncertainty. We literally become more efficient and confident and grow though out the process, no matter the consequences. So it’s better to develop those skills which helps in taking more risks and enhance the possibilities of achieving future goals.

Risk empowers

          Some people do not dare to go after what actually they want, because it makes them feel vulnerable and exposed to hurt, discouraged, disappointed and even ridicule. Failure is not that if you fail once, twice or for several times. Failure is that when you give up trying for any more. Taking risk always make you learn to overcome the fear.

Never give up
Never Give up

          Friends learn to take risk, if you will not take risk, when time passes away, age passes away, you will realize that what would be the life today if I would have taken some risk.

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